Episode 4: Racism Continues to Rear its Ugly, Destructive Head and this Small Business Isn't Having It

When Boyle's Naturals owner, Katie Boyle, shared a post on her personal Facebook page with pictures of President Obama holding babies, one family member decided it was the right time to call out liberals' "destruction of America."  Processing that event lead to the making of this podcast.  In it, Katie discusses how racism somehow became risky, personally and professionally, to call out, along with the ways in which it worsens many risk factors for poor health outcomes in Black America.
Listen in and send us your thoughts and comments below.

Episode 3: A look at EEE in Connecticut: Is My Town Safe?

One year it's the Zika Virus; the next, West Nile.  Concern today (until we have several frosts) is Eastern Equine Encephalitis, or EEE, a mosquito-born disease that is lethal to humans.  In this pod, we provide more details on Connecticut's mosquito testing program, places to go for information specific to your town and what to do if your town has - or has not - had mosquitoes positive for EEE.  As always, advocate for yourself and your family's health above all else.  Listen in to get a deeper look at EEE in Connecticut. 

Episode 2: On the Fence About Vaccinating Your Children?

This side of the vaccinating story, the pro-vaccine side, isn't covered enough by our "everyday" news sources.  Getting into the pediatrician's office, navigating the sometimes confusing Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) website or downloading (and comprehending) an article from a medical journal are great but less accessible sources on vaccine safety and efficacy.  More needs to be said, so today's episode brought to you by sales of @BoyleHealth products, tries to close that gap.  
Vaccines are the single most important medical discovery in the last hundreds of years, have saved millions of lives and, today, continue to be an essential prevention tool to maintain the low (or eliminated) rates of both common and deadly diseases.  Don't forget about the past, and don't take our current good health outcomes for granted.  It wasn't always that way.

Thankfully, the hosts of This Podcast Will Kill You, the Erins, launched two much-awaited episodes on vaccines.  Their episodes cover every single darn thing that can possibly be said about the biology and history of vaccines, along with the opposition to them (which isn't only a current-day problem, actually).  At the end, they request that more people speak loudly about why vaccines are necessary and essential. 

Episode 2 of Handing Down Health respectfully submits an impassioned plea to its target audience, families who are on the fence about vaccinating their kids and those whose minds could be changed.  We respectfully submit this episode with no ill will to anyone on ANY side of this issue.  So listen in, then head on over to TPWKY's two vaccine episodes (links below) for all the data you need, along with input from two Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation experts.  

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Episode 1: The Why

The Handing Down Health podcast is your channel for evidence-based information on public health hazards out there and, more importantly, the solutions that are right for your family. Katie Boyle is a masters educated public health advocate with 17 years experience working on public health promotion tools and strategies on the local and international levels.

Episode 1 launches today, April 29th, 2019, on what would be Katie’s father’s 68th birthday if he were still here on Earth. In this first podcast made possible by sales of Boyle’s Naturals’ products, learn about Katie’s experience during the worst week of her life, and how it fuels her passion to spread important evidence-based disease and injury prevention education today.