Our Vision

Our vision as a woman-owned small business is to make “natural” the default for personal care.  It is a marketplace where access, cost and lack of awareness about toxins and their health effects are not barriers to using healthy products. We visualize our children’s generation shopping for products with choice, affordability, and a baseline understanding that health is the number one priority… because this generation demanded it for themselves and for their children.     
The Public Health Oath forms the backbone of our work. We care about arming individuals with information to motivate them to make a larger collective impact in the marketplace. We care about developing as people, personally and professionally, and improving the quality of life of our customers by utilizing evidence-based science in product development. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a values-led New England-based provider of toxin-free personal care and household products and accompanying consumer health education.  We strive to solve the public health problem of toxic chemicals in products we use and the environments we inhabit. We do this via developing our own line of innovative natural products, empowering consumers with environmental health education and motivating them to be part of the solution.

The educational content we publish on our social media and in our workshops offers simple and accessible ways for consumers to reduce toxic exposures in the places in which they live, work and play.  We focus in particular on the products in those environments, which affect the health of the people and animals living in them.  We believe that with knowledge comes the ability for individual consumers to make educated purchasing decisions that, together, make a larger collective impact and make change.  Progress in this area is already being made, as evidenced by larger corporations launching more natural versions of their flagship products.

Public health is the study of disease, and health, on a population scale.  Environmental health is the branch of public health focused on the way the natural and built environment (i.e. everything around us) affects human health.  Katie E. Boyle, Founder and CEO of Boyle's Naturals, holds a masters degree in public health and abides by the principles in the oath she took at graduation.  

With the lack of stringent policy regulating production and use of toxins in products, consumers are regularly, and most of the time unknowingly, exposed to chemicals linked to disease.  Some exposures and hazards are out of our control, but why not control the ones we can?​

Any questions? Email Katie at Katie@BoylesNaturals.com.